Derek Stewart

Chief Strategy Officer
Stein IAS

Over a career stretching 30+ years, Derek has been driven by positive and energizing relationships with clients and colleagues. Leading strategic development from brand to demand, Derek quickly gets inside the heads and hearts of the customers, identifying the core of the business opportunity and realizing the relevant insights that lead to the right solution. Recognizing structure is vital in underpinning the most powerful customer-centric brand engagement strategies, Derek leads the strategic planning team at Stein IAS to develop solutions based upon a series of market-validated principles and frameworks. These are B2B brand-specific and designed to provide rigor and scalability in delivering the most compelling connections between brands and their respective audience groups. Leveraging the foundation of Stein IAS’ brand development strength, Derek has led B2B strategy globally for clients including Oracle, Google, UL, Tetra Pak, Trelleborg, Labcorp and Boeing.

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